Paul Newman, The Man Behind the Baby Blues Darwin Porter

ISBN: 9780978646516

Published: September 10th 2009


550 pages


Paul Newman, The Man Behind the Baby Blues  by  Darwin Porter

Paul Newman, The Man Behind the Baby Blues by Darwin Porter
September 10th 2009 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 550 pages | ISBN: 9780978646516 | 9.37 Mb

Darwin Porter’s Paul Newman-The Man behind the Baby Blues, His Secret Life Exposed. This is the second of Mr. Porter’s exposes, the first being about Merv Griffin, I have read. Like the Griffin book it is chock full of names of the women and men with whom Paul Newman slept. Also like the Griffin book, all the people reported, or reporting, are dead and not to be checked for accuracy. Remember this small caveat as you’re reading and you should have great fun. There are some names, here, that even I had never suspected, as well as the usual Sal Mineos, James Deans, etc.

Thank whoever that you can’t libel the dead.The tales of his conquests stretch from his Broadway days. The man was busy. It surprises me that he had any energy at all to do the body of work that he did.One of he early lovers was Marlon Brando. There was an odd relationship between them. Both were ambitious men and Brando was jealous of his position as the premier actor of his day. Newman did not take kindly to critics comparing him to Brando, with himself always coming up a little short. It took him a long time to shake the curse of Brando.In my own estimation, Newman was no Brando.

He was skilled and he did some excellent work, but next to Brando’s five star rating, he was only a four.One of the wonders of the book is that Joanne Woodward and he stayed married, seemingly happily so, for as many years as they did. Miss Woodward has made no comment on the book, so one can’t tell it she knew about her husband’s liaisons or no. In a town like Hollywood, I can’t imagine that she didn’t hear some rumor.In the end, I’m not sure I like the Paul Newman displayed on these pages.

Like most of us, he had his pluses as a human being, and his minuses. The minuses leave me a little disappointed in the man.If you’re not expecting War & Peace, or even a Scuffle and Make-up piece of literature, the book is fun and dishy to read

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